01/07/2021 When I first set up my business back in 2016 one of my crazy goals was to work outside of the UK. An inspirational guy once told me you have to have bonkers dreams.

Well this year, I've done it! Super proud and very grateful to my longstanding client Enreach for getting me involved with their sister companies across Europe. It's been a delight working with Masvoz in Barcelona and Herobase in Sweden & Denmark, albeit virtually. Very much looking forward to the future.

#reachforthestars #passportready :-)

04/01/2021 "Never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream" - CS Lewis.
Good luck everyone with your hopes, plans and dreams for 2021.
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20/12/2020 What a year and not quite over yet. Don't struggle in silence, some amazing organisations out there waiting and happy to talk to you. Stay safe this Christmas.
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18/05/20 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #SelfCare Look after yourself spiritually, socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally.
20/12/19 Ready to start my 2020 business plan. I find it really helpful to reflect on the year's achievements and plan for each area of my life for the coming year.
With some exciting new projects for my 4th year in business and a BIG birthday looming, there's lots to plan for!
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30/04/20 Thoughtful Thursday....
Thinking back to happier, simpler times and thinking of all those looking after us today.
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06/07/19 London Pride 
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05/07/19  #weekendvibes #sunshine #funtime
Do more of what makes you happy and calm. Sharing my favourite happy things for #MentalHealthAwareness Week....
Day 1  - Gardening
I'm creating a new one at the moment, so its looking more like a building site than paradise but I'm still finding pleasure in plants.
#earth #care #grow #breathe #nature #green
Day 2 - Being creative.
Day 3 - Cooking.
Day 4 - Family & friends.
Day 5 - Me time.


Fireworks Shows
01/01/2019 New year, new goals...
06/08/19  On a day out to the Monkey Forest with my gorgeous nieces, we saw this.... #goodenoughformonkeys #goodenoughforus #monkeyingaround
08/03/19 International Womens Day
Yesterday I was reminded of one of the amazing women in my family, my Great Granny Winifred.
Around 1905, aged just 20 she travelled to India alone, fell in love and married an Indian man....all of which were highly frowned upon at the time!
She lived to be 98 and led a bonkers and happy life. Joining a hippy commune in her 60's and entering a 10 mile walking race in her 80's are just a few of the remarkable things she did.
Extremely quick witted, intelligent and daring - she was and always will be, a true inspiration to me.
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11/07/18 Thought for the day.....





















Thanks for the inspiration Rhian Hickey x



"Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more listening than talking."

Anon 07/08/18 



Read lots of psychology & self development books to optimise your thinking. I'm loving this one at the moment.....

Sam 12/06/18 

25/06/18  Thought for the day....

23/04/18  Thought for the day....




Dalai Lama

Why is this website so green? Does she also sell plants? Ha ha no I don't, here's why.....


Stressed out? Images of nature can bring instant calm.

We know that people who live near green spaces feel less stressed. But you don't need a park view to experience the soothing effects of nature. Research also shows that just seeing photos of  landscapes, greenery, seascapes and natural fractals (repeating patterns) like this plant, can do the trick too.


Better still, buy yourself a desk'll help increase your creativity and general happiness.


Sam :-)  23/03/18

8 Horrible Habits That Are Ruining Your Productivity (and what you can do to fix them)

If there is one thing in life people underestimate, it is the impact of their daily habits. Whether you want to admit it or not, the truth is that just about everything in life can be directed back to your habits. Long-term success, positive relationships, improvement and growth are the result of good habits. Even personal health and wellness can be traced back to the foundations set by your daily habits.

So, what about the bad habits? Here are the top ones....

1. Constantly Checking Your Phone

2. Not Really Listening

3. Multitasking

Like to learn more? Read the rest at

By Nicholas Cole 22/03/18